IOSCS Congresses

2024 IOSCS Sessions at the SBL in San Diego (November 23–26)

Septuagint within the History of Greek Network

Chair: Barbara Schmitz


·    Andrew T. Keenan [co-presenter Marieke Dhont], An Introduction to the Septuagint within the History of Greek Network

·    Ellen De Doncker, A Hearing God: ἐπακούω Reinvented in the LXX

·    William A. Ross, Flouted Conventions in Septuagint Translation

·    Ryan Comins, Future-Subjunctive Interchange in Greek Ecclesiastes

Glosses and Hellenistic context

Chair: Felix Albrecht


·    Alison Salvesen: The Greek glosses of ‘John Joseph’ to LXX Jeremiah

·    Jean Maurais, Septuagint Origins and Development: The State of the Question

·    Camilla Recalcati, A Hellenistic job title? An analysis of the term πρεσβύτερος in the LXX-Pentateuch and Hellenistic papyri

·    Gideon R. Kotzé, The Septuagint as Representative of the Content of Ecclesiastes 6:7–9

·    S.C. Daley, The Text-critical Use of the Septuagint in Modern Bible Translations: Examples from Ezra-Nehemiah

Text, manuscripts and citations

Chair: Beatrice Bonanno


·    Felix Albrecht, Chapter Divisions in the Septuagint: Analysing Capitulation in the Wisdom Books

·    Peter J. Gentry, Sebastian Brock and Origen’s Aristarchean Signs: Three Psalms Scholia from RA 1175 Reconsidered

·    Matthew R. Miller, The Development of the Metobelus in Origen’s System According to Codex Colbertinus-Sarravianus (Ra G)

·    Reinhart Ceulemans, Septuagint Citations in Middle Byzantine Hagiography

·    Daniel Olariu, Reconstructing Semitic Original(s): Possibilities and impossibilities Using the Greek Versions of Daniel

Lexicon and composition

Chair: Alison Salvesen


·    Beatrice Bonanno, “Life” in the Septuagint: A Study on the Terms ζάω, ζωή, ζῳογονέω, ζωοποιέω, ζωοποίησις in the Greek Version of the Hebrew Bible

·    J. Alberto Paredes, How Much Did They Know? Neologisms vs Early Attestations of Medical Terms in Leviticus LXX

·    Timothy A. Lee, Greek Composition or Semitic Source?

Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible

[co-sponsored by IOSCS]

Chair: Aure Ben-Zvi Goldblum


·    Joel Korytko, How Greek Exodus 22:7(8), 10(11) Might Indicate an New and Earlier Reading of the Hebrew Text

·     Laura Locke Estes, Strong and Little Horns: Translation and the Constraint of Exegetical Possibilities

·     Gary P. Klump, Exegesis Across the Textual Traditions of Sirach

·     Jae Min Lee, Writing a Song/Prayer: An examination of the song/prayer-writing traditions of Moses, Tobit, and David

·     B.E. Bruning, Not on Its Own Terms: Shared OG and MT Reinterpretations in the Tabernacle Account

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