IOSCS Congresses

2022 2022 SBL International Meeting in Salzburg

The 2022 SBL International Meeting will be held in beautiful Salzburg, Austria on July 17-21). Several IOSCS members are involved including Kristin De Troyer, who is organizing the meeting, and Tuukka Kauhanen, chair of the Septuagint Studies program unit.

This year, there will be two thematic joint sessions:

The first held in conjunction with the "Qumran and Dead Sea Scrolls" unit will revisit the contributions of the Qumran biblical scrolls to the understanding of the Septuagint both as a textual witness to the Hebrew Bible and a historical document in its own right.

"Textual criticism: revisions and recensions" will focus on the well-known recensions of the Septuagint (Kaige, Hexaplaric, Lucianic/Antiochian) or other revisional activity concerning the Greek Bible.

Details concerning the call for papers can be found here. The deadline for submissions was February 1, 2022.