Rahlfs 9071

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinait. gr. 21. No diktyon: 58396.
s. IX-X: f. 003v; s. X: ff. 002r-365v, 366r-403v; s. XIV (?): f. 001r-v, 404r | Parchment, 403 ff., cf. Rahlfs, 1 col., 37 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Calligraphic 13th-14th; f. 001r-v); Minuscule (Bouletée; ff. 002r-403v); Majuscule (Auszeichnungsmajuskel; Titles). | Provenance: Unknown.
Commentary on Psalms by Theodoret of Cyrrhus. | The manuscript is well preserved. It is composed of two parts. The first, in paper, representing the start and the end of the manuscript, is an addiction of the 13th or 14th century, as the main hand suggests. The second, in parchment, homogeneously written in minuscule bouletée, preserves the complete Commentary on Psalms by Theodoret of Cyrrhus (Protheoria-Ps. 150) and some Odes with excerpta from Theodoret (In Danielem), Chrysostome (Expositiones in Psalmos) and Origen (Scholia et fragmenta in Evangelium Luca).Text-type: B with influence of L. διηρπαζον (L 55) , θλιβοντων αυτον (1098 L A) , αντιλογιας λαου (R L)
1r–365vCommentary on Psalms, Protheoria - Ps. 150 CPG 6202
3vArsenius Anachoreta, Epigramma in prophetam David (35 verses) CPG 5551
366r–403vSeptuaginta Odae
366r–369vOd 1
369v–379rOd 2
379r–380vOd 3
380v–381vOd 4
381v–393vOd 5
393v–395vOd 6
395v–398rOd 11 add. ζ´ in marg
398rOd 8 add. ζ´ in marg. ; title and first verse
398r–400rexcerpta Theodoreti Commentarius in Danielem et Johannis Chrysostomi Expositiones in Psalmos
400r–vOd 8 add. η´ in marg. ult. v
401rΟd 8 vv. 11a-17b, 17b-21b + v. 18-19b postponuntur, cum excerpta
401vOd 8 vv. 22-35, 36-37; Excerpta inter 35b, 36a
402r–403vexcerpta varia in Psalmos et Evangelium
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