Ra 9027

Leeds, Leeds University Library, Brotherton Collection, MS 33. No diktyon: 37612.
s. XI | Parchment, 163 ff., 190 × 126 mm, 1 col., 34 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Perlschrift main text; Majuscule (Auszeichnungsmajuskel lemmata and titles. | Owner: Sir Edward Allen Brotherton (1920–1930)
Commentary on Psalms by Theodoret of Cyrrhus. | Two volumes. The first volume exhibits a significant lacuna at the beginning. | Text-type: L.
ff. 1r–163vCommentary on Psalms by Theodoret of Cyrrhus (CPG 6202) extant: Ps 16:2a–Ps 129:2c
Parpulov, G.: Toward a History of Byzantine Psalters, Plovdiv 2014, Appendix B1.
Smyngton, J.: Catalogue of Ancient Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Collected by Edward Allen, Baron Brotherton of Wakefield, Leeds 1931.