Ra 9026

Kraków, Jagiellonian Library, Berol. graec. IV. 38. No diktyon: 9207.
s. XI; s. XIV; s. XIV-XV  s. XI: ff006r-363v; s. XIV: ff001r-004v (cf. De Boor, p. 188); s. XIV-XV: f. 005r-v (cf. De Boor, p. 188) | Parchment (ff. 001r-363v); Paper (ff. 00Ir-v 005r-v, 00I’r-v), 363 ff., 275 × 190 mm, 1 col., 33 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Scholarly hand ff. 001v-005r (s. XIV); Majuscule (Distinctive majuscule)  f. 001v; Minuscule (Bouletée ff. 006r-362v (s. XI). | Scribes: 001v-005r, 006r-362v. | Provenance: The manuscript was acquired in 1863 from a Greek in Monastir (Bitola, Macedonia) and became a part of the Preußische Staatsbibliothek (Berlin) in the same year. It was outsourced during World War II in Poland (1941) and remained in Poland after the end of the war. It was found again in Krakow in 2016 in a box in the monastery of the Holy Trinity.  cf. De Boor, 188; Pietrobelli, 305
Commentary of Psalms by Theodoret. | The manuscript is really well preserved and it does not show any damage. There are some cuts in the parchment (ff250 and following) and some folios show the margin inferior trimmed. It is composed by a main part in parchment from the 11th century, without rubrications or illuminations, written in a beautiful minuscola bouletée. The additions at the beginning are written down in a nice scholarly hand and they show the rubrication of the title and of the capital letters.Text-type: B and L.
1r–5rExcerpta in Psalmos 1-5 from a Catena Corderius
6r–363rCommentary on Psalms 1-149 by Theodoret
363r–vExcerptum in Psalmum 150 from a catena Corderius
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