Ra 9017

Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut.11.05. No diktyon: 16159.
s. XI; s. XII; s. XIV; s. XVI  s. XI: ff. 001r-102v (cf. Parpulov); s. XII: ff. 103v-142v, 157r-244v, 253r-341v, 350r-542v; s. XIV: ff. 143r-156v, 245r-252v, 342r-349v; s. XVI: ff. 543r-v | Parchment (ff. 001-543v); Paper (ff. 00Ir-0IIv, f00I’r-0II’v), 542 ff., 310 × 260 mm  cf. Parpulov, 1 col., 24 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Scholarly hand 11th)  Text (ff. 001r-102v); Minuscule (Scholarly hand 12th)  Text (ff. 103v-142v, 157r-244v, 253r-341v, 350r-542v); Minuscule (Scholarly hand 14th)  Text (ff. 143r-156v, 245r-252v, 342r-349v); Minuscule (Camillo Zanetti’s hand)  Text (f. 543r-v). | Scribes: Scribe “A”: ff. 001r-102v, Scribe “B”: ff. 103v-142v, 157r-244v, 253r-341v, 350r-542v, Scribe “C”: ff. 143r-156v, 245r-252v, 342r-349v, Camillo Zanetti: f. 543r-v  RGK I, 212; RGK II, 299; RGK III, 351. | Provenance: Magnesia. | Owner: Μόνη Θεοτόκου Ελεουσῆς τοῦ Κρίθους.
Commentary on Psalms by Theodoret. | This is a luxurious codex in white parchment (except for the flyleaves which are in paper. Lemmas are at mostly rubricated. The main text was copied by several different hands, using different ink (brown and black). The last folio was written by Camillo Zanetti. | Text-type: B and L.
1r–543Commentary on Psalms by Theodoret (Protheoria-In Ps 150) CPG 6202; PG 80, 857-1997
Speranzi, D.: “Note codicologiche e paleografiche” Bernabò, M. (ed.), La collezione di testi chirurgici di Niceta. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut.74.7. Tradizione medica classica a Bisanzio, Roma (2010), 13–35.
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