Rahlfs 7128

Turin, Biblioteca Reale di Torino, Var. 484. No diktyon: 63932.
s. XV, s. XVI, s. XVII  s. XV: ff. 5–176; s. XVI: ff. 1–4, 177–183; s. XVII: ff. 184–324 | Parchment (ff. 1–183); Paper (ff. 184–324), 324 ff., 118 × 77 mm, 1 col., 22–24 lines per page  24 lines: ff. 6–176; 22 lines: ff. 184–324. |  Minuscule (Hodegon style; ff. 6–176).
Psalms, Odes, prayers, hymnography, and Book of Hours – with miniatures. | The manuscript was produced in three stages: ff. 5–176 are by a fifteenth-century hand; ff. 1–4 and 177–183, as well as half of the text on f. 131r and the text on f. 132v, were added in the sixteenth century; the paper ff. 184–324 are copied in a seventeenth-century hand. | Text-type: L.
1r–vprayer rule for illiterate monks
2r–4rchurch calendar in verse (BHG 1617n)
6r–108vPs 1–150 with three troparia and a prayer at each kathisma
109r–117rOde 1:4-9:79 (beginning lost)
117v–118rOde 11
177rlist of Psalms recited on various occasions
177vprayer rule for illiterate monks (same as on f. 1r-v)
177v–179rchurch calendar in verse (same as on ff. 2r-4v)
182v–183vpaschal calculations
184r–188rprayer office (ἀκολουθία) to all saints
188r–189vprayer office (ἀκολουθία) to the Virgin Mary
190r–304vHorologion (Book of Hours)
305r–324vprayer office (ἀκολουθία) for Holy Communion
Lampros, S.: “Οἱ τρεῖς ἐλλενικοὶ κώδικες τῆς ἐν Ταυρίνῳ Βασιλικῆς βιβλιοθήκης”, in: Νέος Ἑλληνομνήμων, 9 (1912), 466–469, 467–469. 
Mioni, E.: Catalogo di manoscritti greci esistenti nelle biblioteche italiane, II, Rome 1965, 424–427 (cat. 284).