Ra 7083

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, New Finds (Ν.Ε.), X 149 (61339).
s. XIV | Paper, 86 ff., 215 × 135 mm, 1 col., 30 lines per page. |  Minuscule.
Psalter. | There are two headpieces on f. 1r and on f. 45v, which are decorated with a cross and other symbols of Christ’s passion. The titles and the initials are rubricated. Folio 5r derives from another Psalter manuscript, which is dated to the 15th-16th centuries. The lower part of several folios has been cut off. Due to this damage there are few lacunae in the text. Marginal scholia, written in red colour, comment on the Psalter. The Odes are preceded by metrical titles. Nikolopoulos dates the manuscript to the 15th century. | Text-type: L.
1rPs 1 is preceded by four epigrams The first one consists of two verses and is unpublished: “Σταυρῷ με ῥύσαις, Ἰησοῦ, ᾧ προσηλώθης πάθους/ἥλοις προσηλῶν, Χριστέ μου, τὴν ἐμὴν ἁμαρτίαν”. Second poem: “Δαυίδ προφήτου καὶ βασιλέως μέλος” (DBBE). Third poem: “Ἁρμονίης ἱερῆς μελιηδέα ᾄσματα Δαυίδ” (DBBE). Fourth poem: inc. “Δαυϊτικὴ πέφυκα δέλτος ἀσμάτων” (DBBE)
1r–4vPs 1–31a
5r–5vPs 15:6b–16:6b
6r–13vPs 16:6b–31:9b
14r–27vPrayers and Troparia
28r–80vPs 39:17b–151
45rUnedited poem in dodecasyllables: “Δαυὶδ μελουργεῖ καὶ Θεὸς πνεῦμα πνέει/ σύμφωνον ἠχεῖται τῶν Ψαλμῶν μέλος”
45vUnedited verse in dodecasyllables: “Σταυρὸς με σώζοι καὶ θεοῖ κατὰ χάριν”
80rPoem on John Chrysostom, inc. “Ἔφη τὸ χρυσὸν τοῦ Ἰωάννου στόμα”, see DBBE
81r–81vOde 1
81v–83rOde 2
83v–84rOde 3
84r–84vOde 4
84v–85rOde 5
85r–85vOde 6
85v–86rOde 7
86r–86vDaniel 3:46–51 and Ode 8:52–67a
Nikolopoulos, P.: Holy Monastery and Archdiocese of Sinai: The New Finds, Athens 1999, 212.