Rahlfs 7028

Meteora, Ἱερὰ Μονὴ Μεταμορφώσεως, 85. No diktyon: 41496.
a. 1516 | Paper, 172 ff., 147 × 218 mm (text area: 95 x 158 mm), 1 col., 18-21 lines per page. |  Minuscule. | Scribe: Ἀλέξιος, ἱερεὺς.
Psalms and Odes. | Old binding with wooden covers. The old numbering of the quires is still visible in the upper margin. Enlarged decorated initials in red colour. In the margins of the ff. 31v-32r there is a poem in vernacular language written by a later hand, inc. “Ἀντρόνικος ἐκίνησε νὰ πάῃ στὸ ταξίδιν”. It has been edited by Vees (1910: 3-4). Autopsy of the manuscript in January 2023. | Text-type: L.
PastedownFragment of a vernacular text, partially illegible
5r–157vPs 1–151
157vBook epigram: “τέλος σὺν θ(ε)ῶ τοῦ σ(ωτηρ)ίου λόγου/ κ(αὶ) τοῖς ραθύμοις παράκλησις τῶν πόν(ων)” Cf. DBBE:
157v–159rOde 1
159r–162vOde 2
162v–163vOde 3
163v–165rOde 4
165r–166rOde 5
166r–166vOde 6
166v–168rOde 7
168r–170rDaniel 3:46-51 and Ode 8
170r–171rOde 9 and the colophon by the priest Alexios
172r–172vPs 54:21b–55:14c written by a later hand
Vees, A.: Νεοελληνικὰ δημώδη ᾄσματα ἐκ χειρογράφων κωδίκων, Athens 1910, 3–4. 
Vees, A./ Vranousis, L./ Sophianos, D.: Τὰ χειρόγραφα τῶν Μετεώρων: κατάλογος περιγραφικὸς τῶν χειρογράφων κωδίκων τῶν ἀποκειμένων εἰς τὰς μονὰς τῶν Μετεώρων: τόμος Α´, τὰ χειρόγραφα τῆς μονῆς Μεταμορφώσεως (Μετέωρον), Athens 1998, 115–116 .