Rahlfs 7026

Meteora, Ἱερὰ Μονὴ Μεταμορφώσεως, 61. No diktyon: 41472.
s. XVI | Paper, 260 ff., 76 × 101 mm, 1 col., 15 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Informal script).
Psalms and Odes. | Pocket Psalter. Enlarged decorated initials. The old binding has been restored with leather covers in burgundy colour. Autopsy of the manuscript in January 2023. | Text-type: L.
Front pastedownFragment on the Theotokos by a later hand
1r–231vPs 1–151
232r–233vOde 1
234r–240rOde 2
240r–242vOde 3
242v–246vOde 4
246v–249vOde 5
249v–251rOde 6
251r–254vOde 7
254v–259rDaniel 3:46-51 and Ode 8
259r–260rOde 9 with lacunae
Back pastedownFragment on Christ by a later hand
Vees, A./ Vranousis, L./ Sophianos, D.: Τὰ χειρόγραφα τῶν Μετεώρων: κατάλογος περιγραφικὸς τῶν χειρογράφων κωδίκων τῶν ἀποκειμένων εἰς τὰς μονὰς τῶν Μετεώρων: τόμος Α´, τὰ χειρόγραφα τῆς μονῆς Μεταμορφώσεως (Μετέωρον), Athens 1998, 81 .