Rahlfs 7002

Istanbul, Πατριαρχικὴ βιβλιοθήκη, Ἱερὰ Μονὴ τῆς Παναγίας Καμαριωτίσσης ἐν τῇ νήσῳ Χάλκη, 71. No diktyon: 33716.
a. 1506  Subscription: f. 258v | Paper, 301 ff., 280 × 180 mm, 1 col., 16 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Renaissance Hand; Text); Majuscule (Liturgic; Titles). | Scribe: Παφνούτιος Παφλαγών  VGH, 379-80 (Παφνούτιος). | Provenance: Ἱερὰ Μονὴ τῆς Παναγίας Καμαριωτίσσης ἐν τῇ νήσῳ Χάλκη. | Owners: Higumenos Athanasius from Naxos  f. IIv, note dated 1st March 1687, cf. Koutloumousianos (1846), p. 32. Other notes by Athanasius are visible on ff. IIIr, 82, 88, 106, 107, 299r, 300v, Another Owner  f. 300v, cf. Kouroupou - Géhin (2008), p. 228.
Troparia, Psalms and Odes, Varia. | Titles, initial letters and some marginal notes are written in red ink. There are some Decorative Headbands. The titles of Psalms 1 and 77 are inserted in a quadrangular frame decorated with phytomorphic motifs. Indication of the quires by the Scribe, from <α′> to λη′. | Text-type: L.
Ir–IIIvAnnotations; Ownership notes. Cf. Kouroupou - Géhin (2008), p. 228
4r–4vNotes on the Psalms written by the Scribe Παφνούτιος Παφλαγών cf. Kouroupou - Géhin (2008), p. 228
4vSententia moralia Gnomica
5r–6vPs 1-2:12d
7r–vPs 4:4a-5:6b
8r–vPs 2:12d-4:4a
9r–38vPs 5:6b-25:12b
39r–244rPs 27:3b-150
244vPs 151
244v15 dodecasyllables on David (cf. Kouroupou - Géhin, 2008, p. 227)
245r–246rOd 1
246r–249vOd 2
249v–250vOd 3
250v–252rOd 4
252r–253rOd 5
253v–256rOd 7
256r–257rOd 8
257v–258vOd 9
259rIohannes Cryotes Geometra, Carmen in Dauid Ed. Legrand, E.: Bibliographie Hellénique ou description raisonnée des ouvrages publiés par des Grecs aux XVe et XVIe siècles, Vol. I, Paris 1885, p. 23; cf. Kouroupou - Géhin (2008), p. 227. Epigram
259rVerses cf. Kouroupou - Géhin (2008), p. 227
259v–268rLeo Sapiens VI, Notitiae Episcopatum PG 107, 404-417
270r–298rAndrea Cretensis, Canon Magnus CPG 8219.02
298v–299rSir. 33:20-25
299vSententia moralia Gnomica
299v–301vAnnotations Cf. Kouroupou - Géhin (2008), p. 228
Kouroupou, M. /Géhin, P.: Catalogue des manuscrits conservés dans la Bibliothèque du Patriarcat Oecuménique. Les manuscrits du monastère de la Panaghia de Chalki, Voll. I–II, Turnhout, Brepols, 2008, I: 227–29; II: Pl. 109.
Metropolite Athenagoras: “Κατάλογος τῶν χειρογράφων τῆς ἐν Χάλκῃ Μονῆς τῆς Παναγίας”, Ἐπετηρὶς Ἑταιρείας Βυζαντινῶν Σπουδῶν 11 (1935), 151–191, 172–73. 
Tsakopoulos, A.: Περιγραφικὸς κατάλογος τῶν χειρογράφων τῆς Βιβλιοθήκης τοῦ Οἰκουμενικοῦ Πατριαρχείου. Τόμος Α'. Τμῆμα χειρογράφων Παναγίας Καμαριωτίσσης, Istanbul, 1953, 119–120.