Rahlfs 464

Modena, Biblioteca Estense Universitaria, α. W. 4. 22 (Puntoni 155). No diktyon: 43542.
s. XV–XVI  s. XV: ff. 1–192; a. 1550: ff. 198–431 | Paper, 436 ff., 303 × 203 mm, 1 col. | Scribes: unknown, Γεώργιος Τρύφων  RGK I, 74; RGK III, 125; cf. Vogel-Gardth., 86.
Cat. Procopii in Cant. et Prov., Cat. in Eccl., Sap. | Miscellaneous manuscript consisting of two parts: Part I (s. XV), and Part II (a. 1550). Part II contains, inter alia, Cat. Procopii in Cant. et Prov., Cat. in Eccl., Sap. This second part is an apograph of Ra 485. Not mentioned in Ziegler’s edition of Sap. (and not collated for Sap.); it has also not been collated for Gentry’s edition of Eccl.Collation: not collated. | Text-type: a (Sap.); unknown for Eccl.
ff. 1r–192vAnastasius Sinaita, In Hexaemeron libri XII CPG 7770
ff. 193r–197vempty
ff. 416v–431vSap. with scholia
ff. 432r–436vempty
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