Rahlfs 203

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud. gr. 2 (C. 41). No diktyon: 48223.
a. 1336  Ἔτους ̗ϛωμδ´: ἱν(δικτιῶνος), δ´. f. 201v, the indication of the year 6844 (1336) is placed at the end of Od 13. The year is then rewritten on the outer margin by a modern hand in Latin characters. Cf. Coxe, Catalogi, c. 491; Turyn, Dated Greek Manuscripts, p. 100; Hutter, Corpus, I, p. 112. | Parchment (1–290); Paper (I–IV, Iˈ–IIIˈ), 220 × 150 mm, 1 col., 24/28 lines per page  28 lines: ff. 1r–3r; 24 lines: ff. 4r–290v. |  Minuscule (Fettaugenmode; Text); Majuscule (Maiuscola liturgica; Titles ff. 15r, 103r, 190r). | Provenance: Constantinople. | Owners: Robert Pember (d. 1560)  Classical Scholar; f. 1r, upper margin: ownership note. Cf. Turyn, Dated Greek Manuscripts, p. 100; Hutter, Corpus, I, p. 112., William Laud (1573–1645)  Archbishop of Canterbury; f. 1r, lower margin: ownership note. The manuscript was bought by William Laud in 1633 and donated by Laud himself to the Bodleian Library between 1635 an 1641. Cf. Turyn, Dated Greek Manuscripts, p. 100; Hutter, Corpus, I, p. 112..
Psalter. | The manuscript contains the Psalms and Odes accompanied by some prayers, along with other works. The psalms are divided into καθίσματα, δόξαι and διαψάλματα. Titles and initials are rubricated. There are some decorative headbands on the ff. 15r, 103r, 138v, 190r, 202r, 204r, 210r, 216r, 233v, 248r, 260v, 272v, 285r. The manuscript has a double numbering. There are few marginal glosses.Text-type: L.
1rFormula confessionis secundum S. Ephrem Syrum Coxe, Catalogi, c. 491
2v–3vS. Basilii Magni oratio CPG 2931; Coxe, Catalogi, c. 491
4r–14vOfficium τῆς Ἀκαθίστου Coxe, Catalogi, c. 491
15r–187vPs 1–150 with prayers Cf. Parpulov, Toward a History, p. 119
187v–189vPs 151
190r–191rOd 1
191r–193vOd 2
193v–194rOd 3
194r–195rOd 4
195r–198rOd 6
198r–200rOd 7
200r–201vOd 9
201vὝμνος τοῦ λυχνικοῦ inc. φῶς ἱλαρὸν ἁγίας δόξης
201vOd 13
202r–203vHymni triadici, sive in honorem S. Trinitatis Coxe, Catalogi, c. 492
204r–209vCanon in S. Angelum animae custodem Coxe, Catalogi, c. 492
210r–215vCanones in resurrectionem Domini Coxe, Catalogi, c. 493
216r–272vMenologium per totius anni circulum Coxe, Catalogi, c. 493
272v–281rCanones dimissorii sanctae et magnae Quadragesimae usque ad Pentecosten Coxe, Catalogi, c. 493
281r–288vΜεγαλυνάρια encomiastica in S. Deiparam per versus, ordine alphabetico Coxe, Catalogi, c. 493
288v–290rVersus in honorem B. M. Virginis, per alphabetum Coxe, Catalogi, c. 493
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