Ra 197

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Grec 29 (olim Reg. 2856,3). No diktyon: 49590.
s. XIV | Paper, 169/170 ff., 1 col., varying lines per page. |  Minuscule (Style epsilon Scribe A; Minuscule (Style epsilon Scribe B. Initial letters and titles rubricated.; Minuscule (Hodegon style Scribe C. Some restorations of the text seem to have been made by scribe "C" (e.g. ff. 58r, 91r, 97r, 109v, 155v).; Minuscule  Scribe D. | Scribes: Scribe A  (21–24 lines per page), Scribe B  (28 lines per page), Scribe C  (16 lines per page), Scribe D  (23–25 lines per page). | Provenance: The codex was brought to Paris by Paul Lucas (1664-1737), Louis XIV's antiquarian.  See here. Cf. Catalogus, 10; Omont, Anciens inventaires, III, 308; Rahlfs, Verzeichnis, 197
Psalms (1–150) and Odes (1–9; 12:1-12b). | Begins with Psalm 1, but is defective at the beginning and at the end. The entire manuscript seems to have been written by at least four different hands. There is a decorative headband on f. 79r (Ps 77). There are some restorations made with fragments of other manuscripts. Few marginal notes and some probationes calami are visible (e.g. ff. Iv, 78v).Text-type: L.
1–157rPs 1–150
160v–161rOd 1
161r–163rOd 2
163v–164rOd 3
164r–165rOd 4
165r–165vOd 5
165v–165vOd 6
166r–167vOd 7
167v, lin 21– 168rOd 8 without title
168r–168vOd 9
169r–169vOd 12:1-12b
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