Rahlfs 195

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Grec 23. No diktyon: 49584.
s. XI-XII | Paper (ff. I, I´); Parchment (ff. 1r-320v), 320 ff., 190 × 160 mm, 1 col., 17 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Perlschrift). | Provenance: The manuscript was bought in 1669 in Constantinople by Monceaux and Laisné by order of J. B. Colbert.  Cf. Omont, Missions, I, p. 27, II, p. 873; Rahlfs, Verzeichnis, p. 196. The manuscript therefore did not belong to Mazarin's collection as indicated by H. Omont (Inventaire sommaire, p. 5; Anciens inventaires, III, p. 307)
Psalms and Odes, different prayers. | Defective at the beginning and at the end. It begins with Psalm 7:17. There are some decorated letters and headpieces with phytomorphic motifs. f. 143r: the upper margin has been heavily trimmed compromising part of the decoration of the headpiece. Probationes calami on f. 142v (Psalm 130:1a-2b was written as a writing exercise). f 142r: the end of Ps 76 has a cross shape; f.142v: Probationes calami (Psalm 130:1a-2b was written as a writing exercise).Text-type: L.
1r–283vPs 7, 17–150 The Psalms from 9, 38 to 10, 6 are missing
284r–vPs 151
285r–287vOd 1
288r–294vOd 2
295r–296vOd 3
296v–300rOd 4
300r–302rOd 5
302r– 303rOd 6
303r–305vOd 7:1-41a
306r–308vOd 8:54a-88b
308v–310vOd 9
310v–312vOd 11
312v–315rOd 12
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