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Ra 1913

Los Angeles, University of California, Charles E. Young Research Library, Coll. 170. MS. 347. No diktyon: 39947.
St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Ф. № 906 (Gr.) 320 (Granstrem 297). No diktyon: 57392.
GA Number: 712.
s. XI–XII, s. XVI (ca.)  Granstrem: s. XI–XII; Beneševič: s. XIII; Verkholantsev: a. 1200 (ca.); Rahlfs: N.T. s. XI, Psalms „von jüngerer Hand“ | Parchment (ff. 1–240 UCLA + ff. 1–5 РНБ); Paper (ff. I–XX; s. XV according to Verkholantsev, p. 221), 245 + 20 ff., 155 × 127 mm (text area: 110 x 87 mm), 1 col., var. lines per page  33 lines N.T., 21–22 lines Psalter. | Scribe: Ἰωαννίκιος μοναχός  colophon on f. 239v, cf. Beneševič, p. 93; Verkholantsev, p. 219f.; VGH 213; DBBE. | Provenance: Juvanian Metochion in Cairo, Ms. Nr. 73 (cf. Beneševič, p. 90). The provenance was thoroughly investigated by J. Verkholantsev: In 1861, the manuscript was studied by Porfirii Uspenskii. He took five folios with him, which are now kept in St. Petersburg (cf. Beneševič, p. 92; Verkholantsev, p. 223f.). The manuscript’s location in the years after is unclear. The codex was rebound around 1870 (cf. Verkholantsev, pp. 222; 226). In 1876, it was bought by A. Peckover in London from B. Quaritch. In 1949, it was auctioned off by Sotheby’s (cf. Verkholantsev, p. 227), and came into the collection of I. Foot. After Foot’s death, it was bought by the University of California in 1962. | Owners: Isaac Foot (1880–1960)  Collector; cf. Verkholantsev, p. 227, Alexander Peckover (1830–1919)  Collector, Bernard Quaritch  Antiquarian bookseller in London; cf. Verkholantsev, p. 226.
The New Testament part with four miniatures of the Evangelists (ff. 1v; 35v; 57v; 91v) can be dated to s. XI–XII. The Psalms part was added much later, probably in s. XVI. The binding in red morocco leather (s. XIX) is signed by Francis Bedford (1799–1883).
UCLA ff. Ir–XVIvPs., Synaxarium, Menologion cf. Verkholantsev, p. 221
UCLA ff. 1r–240vN.T. with book epigrams cf. DBBE 23768; 23769; 23770
РНБ ff. 1r–5vN.T. end of Epistle of Jude, beginning of Euthalian prologue to Acts
UCLA ff. XVIIr–XXvPs., Synaxarium, Menologion cf. Verkholantsev, p. 221
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Verkholantsev, J.: From Sinai to California: The Trajectory of Greek NT Codex 712 from the UCLA Young Research Library's Special Collections (170/347), in: Manuscript Studies: A Journal of the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies 1 (2016), 216–34 (Provenance). 
Beneševič, V.: Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum graecorum qui in monasterio Sanctae Catharinae in monte asservantur. Codices manuscripti notabiliores bibliothecae monasterii Sinaitici ejusque metochii Cahirensis, ab archimandrita Porphyrio (Uspenskio) descripti, vol. 1, St. Petersburg 1911, pp. 90–93, 616 (Nr. 73).
Granstrem, E.: Каталог греческих рукописей ленинградских хранилищ. Вып. 3: Рукописи XI в., Византийский временник 19 (1961), 194–239, p. 239 (Nr. 297 Granstrem, Nr. 320 Library).
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