Rahlfs 191

St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Ф. № 906 (Gr.) 064 (Granstrem 120, olim: Coisl. 188). No diktyon: 57134.
a. 994 | Parchment, 223 ff., 253 × 196 mm  partly 120 × 105 mmm, 1 col., 45 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Scholarly script, which is inclined to the right). | Provenance: The manuscript was stolen in 1791 from the Bibliotheca Coisliniana by P. Dubrovsky, secretary of the Russian Embassy in Paris, who brought it to Saint Petersburg.
Psalms and Odes with marginal catena. | The catena on the Psalms contains excerpts from Diodore the Theologian, Origen, John Chrysostom, Hesychius, Theodoret, Athanasios, Cyril of Alexandria, Didymus, Eusebius of Ceasarea, Maximus, Gregory of Nazianzus, Basil of Ceasarea, Isidore of Pelusium, Gregory of Nyssa, John of Sardeis, Severus, Arethas, Olympiodorus and Anastasios of Nicaea.Text-type: L.
1r–199vPs 1–151 with catena CPG C30; Catena type VII (Karo-Lietzmann)
199v–201rOde 1 with catena
201v–206vOde 2 with catena
206v–207vOde 3 with catena
208r–210rOde 4 with catena
210r–211vOde 5 with catena
212r–212vOde 6 with catena
212v–215rOde 7 with catena
215r–216vOde 8 with catena
216v–218rOde 9 with catena
218v–219vOde 11 with catena
219v–220vOde 12 with catena
221rThe Nicene Creed
221r–221vThe cherubic hymn
221v–222vText on the calculation of the indictions and of the Easter date (Easter table).
222vFragment consisting of hymns’ titles.
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