Ra 1831

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, gr. 66. No diktyon: 58441.
s. XIII/XIV, XVI  s. XIII/XIV: ff. 1–245; s. XVI: ff. I–IV | Parchment (ff. 1–245); Paper (ff. I–IV), 249 ff., 110 × 70 mm, 1 col., 19 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Archaizing hand).
Psalms and Odes. | A prognostic symbol appears in the upper margin of each verso folio and signifies a prediction for the personal life of the medieval reader, who could randomly select one specific folio and Psalm.Text-type: L.
Ιr–IvLiturgical notes, inc. “ἀρχὴ σὺν θεῶ τοῦ μεσονυκτικοῦ τῆς ὄλης εὐδομάδος (sic)”.
IIr–IVvCommentary on the prognostic symbols, that accompany the Psalms and Odes in the manuscript.
1r–225vPsalm 151
225v–227rOde 1
227v–232vOde 2
232v–235rOde 3
235r–237vOde 4
237v–238rOde 5
238r–238vOde 6
239r–241rOde 7
241r–243vDaniel 3:46-51 and Ode 8
243v–245vOde 9
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