Rahlfs 1827

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, gr. 61.
XIII/2 | Parchment, 263 ff., 150 × 123 mm  150 × 110 (Rahlfs), 150 × 123 (Kamil), 150 × 120 (Parpulov), 1 col., 18-20 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Archaising hand).
Psalms and Odes (illustrated). | The manuscript contains anthropomorphic initials. There is a decorated headband before each kathisma and a floral headpiece before Psalms 1, 77 and the first Ode.Text-type: L.
2rDodecasyllabic verse: “ψαλτήριον ἅγιον δαβὶδ προφήτου”.
2vMiniature of David
3r–76vPs 1-49 tit. Δαυὶδ προφήτου και βασιλέως μέλος
77vMiniature of David’s penitence
78v–119rPs 50-76
121vMiniature of Moses receiving the Law from Christ; Miniature of Moses and the Israelites
122r–234rPs 77-151
234r–234vPossession notes by later owners
235rMiniature of Moses
235vMiniature of the dance of the Hebrew women
236r–238rOde 1
238r–243vOde 2
243v–245rOde 3
245r–247rOde 4
247r–248vOde 5
248v–249vOde 6
249v–252rOde 7
252r–254vDaniel 3:46-51 and Ode 8
254v–256rOde 9
256vMiniature with Theotokos enthroned and the nun Theotime
257r–259vOde 12
260r–263vEaster tables for the years 1274-1295
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