Ra 1806

Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. gr. 2296'. No diktyon: 68927.
s. XII–XV; s. XII/XIII  s. XII-XV; s. XII/XIII: 138-165, 168-170 [olim 115-141, 144-146]. Starting from f. 051, the manuscript has a double numbering. We follow the consecutive numbering placed on the lower margin | Parchment (138-165, 168-170 [olim115-141, 144-146]); Palimpsest (From the microfilm it is not possible to establish with certainty which of the parchments are palimpsests.); Paper (166-167 [olim 142-143]), 179 ff., 160 × 110 mm  138-170 [olim115-146], 1 col., 19–21 lines per page  138-170 [olim 115-146]. |  Minuscule. | Provenance: Unknown.
scriptura inferior. | The manuscript is composed of at least 6 different codicological units (in paper and parchment) dating from the 12th to the 15th century. Rahlfs studying this manuscript has assigned to some of its units (that contained fragments of the Psalms) specific numbers: 1800 (see Vat. gr. 1896 and Vat. gr. 2297), 1804-1806. Folios 051-122v [olim 279-290, 051-110], collected in this manuscript, come from the Vat. gr. 1896, and they are indicated by Rahlfs with the number 1800. Folios 124-133 [olim 021a-030] were at the end of the manuscript Vat. gr. 2297, then they were placed in the Vat. gr. 2296 only in 1920. The leaves surely belonged to the same codicological unit as the folios 051-122v (same hand). This could be the reason why they were indicated by Rahlfs, once again, with the number 1800. For the description of these folios and their content see Ra_1800. Cf. Canart (2004: 546, 553); Hofstetter (2019:180 (n. 9)).
138–170 [olim115–146]Ps 104:22-148:8 (Rahlfs, 1914, p. 274 = Vat. gr. 2296’')
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