Rahlfs 1704

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Baroccianus gr. 25. No diktyon: 47311.
s. XIII–XIV | Paper, 297 ff., 172 × 127 mm, 1–2 col.  1 col.: ff. 001r-158v, 233r-297v; 2 col.: ff.159r-232v, 17–39 lines per page. |  Minuscule. | Provenance: Unknown.
Miscellaneous. | It is a miscellaneous manuscript composed of six parts written by different hands of the 13th and 14th centuries. The manuscript is in a poor state of preservation. There are signs of insects, and water infiltrations have damaged some folios. Part of the text is no longer visible (i. e. ff. 211r-233r); in other folios, the ink, which was washed off by water, has been rewritten by a later hand (ff. 159r-210v). The leaves from 153 to 158 are defective in their lower part. Ff. 153-158 wrongly bound. Ff. 004r-153v: The verses of the Psalms are in red while the Metaphrasis, interlinear, is written in dark black ink. From f. 133 to 154r, the verses of the Psalms are no longer legible, especially in the final part of the folios. | Text-type: L.
1r–3rApollinaris Laodicenus, Metaphrasis Psalmorum (CPG 3700) Προοίμιον εἰς τὴ(ν) με[τάφρασιν τοῦ ψαλ]τῆρος, inc. : Ἔλπομαι ἀθάνατοιο θεοῦ κεκο[ρυθμένος]
3v–4rAmmianus poeta, Metaphrasis Ps.1 in imitatione Apollinarii
4r–152vApollinaris Laodicenus, Metaphrasis Psalmorum (CPG 3700), Ps 1–150
153r–v, 155r–vIohannes Cyriotes Geometra, Canticorum metaphrasis, Od 2 PG 106 989, 13-992,25; ed.: De Groote, 2007
154rApollinaris Laodicenus, Metaphrasis Psalmorum, Ps 151 CPG 3700
154v–155rIohannes Cyriotes Geometra, Canticorum metaphrasis, Od 1 PG 106 cc. 987-988
156r–157rIohannes Cyriotes Geometra, Canticorum metaphrasis, Od 4 PG 106 cc. 993-994
157r–158rIohannes Cyriotes Geometra, Canticorum metaphrasis, Od 5 PG 106 cc. 994-996
158vIohannes Cyriotes Geometra, Canticorum metaphrasis, Od 3, des. Ἀπεινῶντες οἱ πρίν, γῆν παρῆκαν ἐκ κόρου PG 106 cc. 991-993
159r–296vVaria For the content cf. Coxe (1853: 32-36)
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