Rahlfs 169

London, British Library, Harley 5571. No diktyon: 39534.
s. XIII/2; XVI  s. XIII/2: ff. 1–32 and 37–232; s. XVI: ff. 33–36 | Parchment, 232 ff., 150 × 110 mm, 1 col., 19 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Archaizing hand). | Owners: Convent of Santa Maria in Organo, Verona, Thomas Grey, 2nd Earl of Stamford (c. 1654–1720).
Psalms and Odes. | The text of Ps 28:8–31:5 has been replaced in the sixteenth century. The final section of the manuscript contains the Office of Holy Communion.Text-type: L.
1r–200vPs 1-151
200v–217rOde 1-9
232vFragment of a Latin hymn by a later hand
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