Rahlfs 1661

London, British Library, Harley 5541. No diktyon: 39506.
s. XV/XVI | Parchment, 269 ff., 140 × 100 mm  Text area: 970 × 590, 1 col., 24 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Scholarly hand). | Scribe: Δημήτριος Δαμιλᾶς (s. XV–XVI). | Owner: Giorgio Antonio Vespucci (ca. 1434-1514).
Psalms and Odes. | Rahlfs dates the manuscript to the 14th c. The titles and the initials are written in red ink. There is a decorated headpiece on f. 1r.Text-type: L.
71r–74vApolytikia, tit. “ἀπολυτίκια τῆς ἑβδομάδος ὅλης”.
75r–122vLiturgical Menologion, tit. “Ἀρχὴ σὺν θεῶ ἁγίω τοῦ μηνολογίου· περιέχοντος πάσαν ἀκολουθίαν:· ἤτοι τὰ ἀπολυτικοκόντακα τοῦ ὅλου ἑνιαυτοῦ τῶν τε ἁγίων ἁπάντων· καὶ τῶν δεσποτικῶν ἑορτῶν:·
123r–144vApolytikia from the Triodion, tit: “ἀρχὴ τῶν ἀπολυτικοντακίων: ἀπὸ τοῦ τριωδίου: κυριακὴ τοῦ τελώνου, καὶ τοῦ φαρισαίου”. ff. 134r-141v: Akathistos hymn
145r–244rPs 1-151 Two monostichs are used as titles of the Psalter: “ἁρμονίης ἱερῆς μελιηδέα ἅσματα Δαυίδ”, “Δαυὶδ προφήτου καὶ βασιλέως μέλος”
244r–245rOde 1
245r–247vOde 2
247v–248rOde 3
248r–249rOde 4
249r–250rOde 5
250rOde 6
250r–251vOde 7
251v–253rDaniel 3:46-51 and Ode 8
253r–253vOde 9
254r–255vThe hymn “Χαῖρε κεχαριτωμένη Μαρία”, the Lord’s Prayer, the Nicene Creed, the prayer “Xαῖρε δέσποινα μήτερ τοῦ ἐλέους”, Ode 14 and other prayers.
256r–269rBasil of Caesarea, Treatise addressed to young men on now they might derive benefit from Greek Literature PG 31:564-589
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