Rahlfs 1655

London, British Library, Add. 21030. No diktyon: 38984.
s. XII | Parchment, 221 ff., 200 × 150 mm, 1 col., 15-16 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Large-sized rounded minuscule). | Provenance: Malula near Damascus, see the note on f. 1r from 1820. | Owner: Thomas Baylis purchased the manuscript in 1855..
Psalter. | Parpulov dates the manuscript to the 12th c., whereas Rahlfs, the catalogue of the British Museum and Richard date it to the 13th c. There is a floral headpiece on f. 1r. The titles and the initials are written in red ink. There are marginal notes in Greek added by later hands on ff. 76v-77r, 173v, 190v, 191r, 192r, 221v and some notes in Arabic on ff. 46r, 173v, 221v. | Text-type: L.
Ir–IvFragments of prayers from another manuscript
1r–221rPs 1-150
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