Rahlfs 143

Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Theol. gr. 177 (Lamb. 19, olim 57). No diktyon: 71844.
a. 1162 (Rahlfs), a. 1150 (Hunger) | Parchment (ff. 1–5, 7–206); Palimpsest (ff. 6, 207–209)  The scriptura inferior is dated to the second half of s. X, see Hunger (1984: 316). The text of the scriptura inferior of f. 6r–v has not been identified. For the ff. 207-209 see below., 209 ff., 230 × 170 mm, 1 col., 26, 35–37 lines per page  26 lines: ff. 7r–183v; 35–36 lines: ff. 1r–6r, 186r–206v. |  Minuscule (It has some similarities to the so-called “Epsilon style”). | Provenance: Palestine (?). | Owners: Janos Zsambosky (16th c.), Patriarchal Library in Jerusalem  See Ehrhard (1892: 344).
Psalms and Odes. | According to Detlef Fraenkel, at the end of the Odes there are similar exegetical texts as in Ra 1018.Text-type: L.
1r–2rCosmas Indicopleustes, Christian Topography: Πρόγραμμα εἰς τὸν προφήτην Δαυίδ. In the lower margin of f. 1r by a later hand “Οἱ δι᾽ ὅλου εἰς τὸν κύριον ψαλμοί· β´, η´, μδ´ καὶ ρθ´κατὰ τὸν ἰνδικοπλεύστην κοσμᾶν”
2r–4vTheodoret of Cyrus, Μέθοδος Ἰωσίππου ἐκ τῶν ὑπομνημάτων αὐτοῦ και χρονικῶν συνταγμάτων, πῶς συνέστη τὸ Ψαλτήριον.
4v–5rAthanasius of Alexandria, Epistle to Marcellinus
5r–5vApophthegma of St. Pambo
6r–10vPs 1-8
11r–13rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
13r–18rPs 9-16
18r–20rA prayer by Symeon Stylites the Younger, catanyctic troparia and other prayers.
20r–26vPs 17-23
26v–29vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
30r–32rPs 24-26
32r–35vPs 27-31
36r–37vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
37v–43vPs 32-36
43v–45rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
45r–52vPs 37-45
52v–54vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
54v–60vPs 46-54
60v–63rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
63r–68vPs 55-63
68v–70vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
70v–76vPs 64-69
76v–78vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
78v–85rPs 70-76
85r–86vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
86v–94vPs 77-84
94v–96vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
96v–102vPs 85-90
102v–105rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
105r–110vPs 91-100
110v–112rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
112v–118rPs 101-104
118v–120rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
120r–126rPs 105-108
126v–128rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
128r–133rPs 109-117
133r–135rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
135r–142rPs 118
142r–146vResurrectional troparia, troparia on death and prayers
146v–152rPs 119-133
152r–154vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
154v–161vPs 134-142
161v–163vCatanyctic troparia and prayers
163v–168vPs 143-150
168v–173rCatanyctic troparia and prayers
173vPs 151
174r–175rOde 1
175r–177vOde 2
177v–178vOde 3
178v–179vOde 4
179v–180rOde 5
180r–180vOde 6
180v–182rOde 7
182r–183rOde 8 (before v. 57 there is the title “ὠδὴ η´ τῶν τριῶν παίδων”)
183r–183vOde 9
184r–185vPaschal table for the years 1163–1210 see Hunger (1984: 324)
186r–203vAnonymous commentary on the Psalms. It contains excerpts from Hesychius of Jerusalem and Theodoret of Cyrus. CPG 6552, PG 27: 649-1344, PG 80, 857-1997
203v–204rCommentary on the Odes by Basil of Ceasarea and Eusebius of Caesarea. ed. Corderius 1646
204r–204vScholium to the hymn Φῶς ἱλαρόν, scholium to Isaiah 8:8-9 and scholium to the Lord’s Prayer.
205r–206vAnastasios Sinaites, Question 18 PG 89, 500-505, cf. CPG 7746
206vFragment of Theodoret on the Psalms. It is attributed in the manuscript to Basil of Ceasarea. PG 80: 868
207r–209rPalimpsest folios without any scriptura superior. The scriptura inferior consists of excerpts from Diodore of Tarsus. Hunger (1984: 325) relates the content of ff. 207r–v to Cod. Vind. theol. gr. 8, f. 181v. ed. Olivier 1980 and Mariès 1919.
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