Rahlfs 140

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, B. X. 33 (Omont 4). No diktyon: 8921.
s. XII | Parchment, 276 ff., 140 × 111 mm, 1 col., 17 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Perlschrift). | Patrons: Johannes Kun, Udalrico Mertz Basiliensis, John of Ragusa. | Provenance: The manuscript belonged to the collection of the theologian John of Ragusa and was brought to Basel in 1438 (see the description of Patrick Andrist).
Psalms and Odes (illustrated). | Prophetic phrases have been added to the upper margins of several folios by a later hand, e.g. “ ἀπὸ λύπης εἰς χαρὰν ἔλθης” (you will come from sadness to joy), f. 61r; “ἐπληρώθη τὸ πρᾶγμα ὃ ζητεῖς, παρακάλου τὸν Θεὸν κατὰ πᾶσαν ὥραν” (the thing you ask has been accomplished, pray to God every moment). According to Patrick Andrist, these verses form a divination system used by the medieval readers. They opened randomly the manuscript and they had a good or a bad omen for their personal life depending on the meaning of the verse they had just read.Text-type: L.
1–249vPs 1–151 on f. 217v is a miniature of Moses receiving the Law on Mount Sinai
250r–252rOde 1
252r–257vOde 2
257v–259rOde 3
259r–261rOde 4
261r–262vOde 5
262v–263vOde 6
263v–267rOde 7
267r–268rOde 8
269r–270rOde 9
270vIsaiah 38:17-20 f. 271 is missing
270v–274rOde 12
274rOde 13
274r–275vOde 14
276vNote in Latin: “Hoc psalterium accomodatum habuit frater Johannes Kun, ordinis predicatorum conventus Nurembergensis, Anno Domini 1494, sub venerabili patre sacre theologie cursore et priore bene merito Udalrico Mertz Basiliensi; ex quo nostrum emendavi” see Omont (1886: 5-6)
Martiniani–Reber, M., Byzance en Suisse, Genève 2015, 298–299 (n° 346) (Description of the manuscript by Patrick Andrist).
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Omont, H.: Catalogue des manuscrits grecs des bibliothèques de Suisse: Bâle, Berne, Einsiedeln, Genève, St. Gall, Schaffhouse et Zürich (Extrait du Centralblatt für Bibliothekswesen), Leipzig 1886, 5–6. 
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