Rahlfs 1302

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, New Finds, ΜΓ 33, quire 16. No diktyon: 61071.
s. IX | Parchment, 8 ff., 1 col., unknown lines per page. |  Majuscule (“sloping pointed majuscule”?).
Psalms. | Most of the fragment described by Prof. Nikolopoulos under the shelfmark ΜΓ 33 forms part of Rahlfs 1190 (not of Rahlfs 1156, as Prof. Nikolopulos assumed). Quire 16, however, seems to originate from a different manuscript. No photographs of it are available.
Nikolopoulos, P.,: The New Finds of Sinai, Athens 1999, 147.