Rahlfs 1194

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, Gr. 37. No diktyon: 58412.
ibid., New Finds (Ν.Ε.), ΜΓ 7. No diktyon: 9264.
ibid., New Finds (Ν.Ε.), ΜΓ 51. No diktyon: 56870.
St. Petersburg, Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Библиотека Российской академии наук), f. 32 (собр. Никольского), no. 3. No diktyon: 61045.
Kraków, Jagiellonian Library, Berol. 8° 2. No diktyon: 61089.
s. IX/1 | Parchment, 135+40+20+6+88 ff., 168 × 102 mm, 1 col., 19 lines per page. |  Majuscule (vertical pointed majuscule). | Provenance: Sinai. The manuscript was divided into several parts: Most folios remained at Sinai (135+40+20 leaves). In 1866, a major part (88 leaves) came to Berlin through the mediation of Heinrich Brugsch (Consul in Cairo from 1864) and is nowadays in Cracow. Six folios came to St. Petersburg.
Psalms and Odes. | The manuscript has been bound in disarray, ff. 81-88v (quire Κη′) should stay at the beginning (cf. Note in German on f. Iv: “Lage 28 (Κη) der Handschrift die acht letzten Blätter enthaltend, ist falsch an das Ende gebunden - statt an den Anfang”. Indication of the quires (λ′ to λθ′, Κη′). The quires start from the hair side (hair/hair). | Text-type: L.
Sin. ΜΓ 51Ps 6-16
Sin. gr. 37, ff. 1r–128vPs 16:6-110:3 with lacunae
Sin. ΜΓ 7Ps 73-78, 88-90, 91-93, 95-101, 103, 105
Petrop.Ps 103:34-105:7
Berol., ff. 81r–88vPs 105:16b–106:1a-37b
Berol., ff. 1r–64vPs 111–150
Berol., ff. 65r–67vOde 1
Berol., ff. 68r–74rOde 2
Berol., ff. 74r–76rOde 3
Berol., ff. 76r–79rOde 4
Berol., ff. 79r–80vOde 5:1a–19a
Sin. gr. 37, ff. 129r–135vOde 5 (continuatio) – Ode 8
Sin. ΜΓ 51Ode 13-14
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