Rahlfs 1193

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, Gr. 36. No diktyon: 58411.
ibid., New Finds (Ν.Ε.), ΜΓ 9. No diktyon: 61047.
s. IX/2 | Parchment, 200+117 ff., 208 × 160 mm, 2 col., 14-18 lines per page  Arabic text. |  Majuscule (leaning pointed majuscule; Greek text). | Provenance: Palestine.
Psalms and Odes in Greek and Arabic. | Ff. 198-200 are flyleaves. The text gap between ff. 194 and 195 of Sinait. gr. 36 is filled by the fragment N.E. ΜΓ 9, the content of which probably includes Ode 1-9 and 11. This fragment was first recognised as part of Sinait. 36 by Géhin and Frøyshov.Text-type: L.
Gr. 36: 1v–5vNicene Creed and Lord’s Prayer in Greek and Arabic
Gr. 36: 5v–9rprefaces in Greek and Arabic
Gr. 36: 10r–194v + ΜΓ 9Ps 1-151 in Greek and Arabic
Gr. 36: 195r–197rOde 12:7-15 in Greek and Arabic
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