Rahlfs 1190

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, gr. 33. No diktyon: 58408.
ibid., NE MΓ 33. No diktyon: 61071.
St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, gr. 262. No diktyon: 57334.
s. IX | Parchment, 243 ff., 190 × 150 mm, 1 col., 19 lines per page. |  Majuscule (Maiuscola ogivale inclinata); Majuscule (Maiuscola ogivale diritta; Titles; f. 227r: scribal prayer). | Scribe: Solomon, deacon. | Provenance: Mount Sinai, Monastery of St. Catherine. | Owner: Bishop Porphyrius Uspensky (1804-1885)..
Psalms and Odes. | Currently, one folio from cod. Sinait. gr. 33, containing Ps 149:4b-Ps 150:6 and its colophon, belongs to cod. Petropol. RNB gr. 262 and another two folios from its B´ quaternion, containing fragments of Ps 5 and 9, belong to cod. Sinait. NE MΓ 33. On the identification of these two folios see Nikolopoulos (1999: 120). Rahlfs dated the manuscript to the 8th-9th centuries and Beneševič to the year 862.Text-type: L with few readings from U and S.
Ir–IIv (NE MΓ 33)Ps 5 and 9 (fragmentary)
1–227r (Sinait. gr. 33)Ps 5-Ps 149:1-4 The beginning of the Psalm 5 is illegible due to damage
IIIr–v (Petrop. gr. 262)Ps 149:4b-Ps 150:6
227r (Sinait. gr. 33)Scribal prayer
227r (Sinait. gr. 33)Bohairic prayer
228r–229v (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 1
229v–233v (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 2
233v–235r (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 3
235r–237r (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 4
237r–238r (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 5
238r–239r (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 6
239r–241r (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 7
241r–243r (Sinait. gr. 33)Daniel 3:46-51 and Ode 8
243r–243v (Sinait. gr. 33)Ode 9:46-71b
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