Ra 1118

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct. T. 4. 19 (Misc. 257). No diktyon: 47205.
s. X | Parchment, 263 ff., 1 col., 18 (main text), 29 (marginal commentary) lines per page. |  Minuscule. | Provenance: Unknown. | Owners: Giovanni Saibante (17th century), Veronese nobleman and bibliophile  The manuscript was in Saibante's possession until 1732. Cf. [Tamani]/(, G., Manoscritti ebraici nella Biblioteca Comunale di Verona, in Rivista degli studi orientali 45, fasc. 3/4 (1970), pp. 217-243: 219-220 and nr. 4, Bodleian Library  In 1820 the Bodleian Library purchased 50 of the 80 Greek Manuscripts of Saibante’s collection. Cf. Hunt-Madan, A summary catalogue, V. IV, p. 422.
Psalms and Odes with commentary. | The manuscript is defective and the leaves are not in order. It has titles and initials rubricated. The text dialogues with the comment through cross-references: the letters of the Greek alphabet are placed at the beginning of each verse and repeated in the margin of the commentary, at the beginning of the corresponding exegesis. | Text-type: L.
1–244rPs 15-150 (The manuscript was bound incorrectly, the correct order of the leaves is: 17-23, 9-16, 1-8, 24-263, cf. Coxe, Catalogi, I, Col. 806) Marginal Commentary: Theodoretus Cyrensis, Interpretatio in Psalmos
244r–245rPs 151
245r–247vOd 1 With catena commentary in the margin
247v–253rOd 2
253r–254vOd 3
254v–256rOd 4
256r–258rOd 5
258r–259rOd 6
259r–259vOd 7
259v–260rOd 8 fin. 8:55b
260r–261rOd 9 Odes 10-12 are not extant
261r–261vOd 13
261vOd 14, fin. 14:32
262r–262vOd 8 in. 8:56a
263rOd 14:32-46
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