Rahlfs 1117

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct. D. inf. 2. 18 (Misc. 014). No diktyon: 46981.
XI | Parchment, 213 ff., 1 col., 18 lines per page. |  Minuscule ("bouletée"). | Provenance: Unknown . | Owners: [Petrus] Golius 16th-17th century, Narcissus Marsh (1639-1713)  About Narcissus Marsh cf. Coxe, Catalogi, c. 628..
Psalms and Odes. | The manuscript is defective at the beginning and at the end. The titles and the letters are rubricated. The initial letters are decorated. The Psalms begin on f. 2r but the hand that wrote this folio is different from the one that made the rest of the manuscript and seems to be later. There are some folios torn and which have lost a lot of text (i. e. ff. 62, 64, 66). Some marginal notes are visible on folios 117v, 195v, 202r, 203v, 204r and 205r.Text-type: L.
2r–195vPs 1-150
196rPs 151
196v–198vOd 1
198v–203rOd 2
203r–204vOd 3
204v–206vOd 4
206v–208rOd 5
208r–210vOd 7, init. 7:27c The manuscript has lost one folio: Odes 6:1-7:27b are missing
210v–212rOd 8
212r–213vOd 9
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