Rahlfs 1115

Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cod. graec. 556. No diktyon: 45004.
X | Parchment, 261 ff., 1 col., 21 lines per page. |  Minuscule.
Psalms and Odesa with commentary. | The manuscript is defective at the beginning and at the end. The titles and numbers are rubricated in red. The numbers of the psalms are repeated in the margin and are by a later hand. The manuscript presents the psalms with interlinear commentary (Athanasius) and surrounded by the marginal commentary (Hesychius). The marginal comment stops at f. 120r (Ps 72). There are some notations in Latin visible, for example, in ff. 7r and 20r.Text-type: L.
1rinit. Ps 1:6b
1r–253vPs 1-150
1r–253vInterlinear Commentary: Athanasius Expositiones in Psalmos (PG 27, cc. 60-545, 548-589).
1r–120rMarginal commentary: Hesychius Hierosolymitanus, De titulis Psalmorum (CPG 6552)
254rPs 151
254r–255rOd 1
255r–258rOd 2
258r–258vOd 3
258v–260rOd 4
260r–260vOd 5
260v–261rOd 6
261r–261vOd 7:1-37b
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