Rahlfs 1090

London, British Library, Add. 39586. No diktyon: 39165.
s. XI | Parchment, 226 ff., 150 × 110 mm  88-90 × 56-60, 1 col., 20 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Perlschrift). | Provenance: The manuscript was in 1627 in Skopelos. Later it was kept at the Karakallou Monastery on Mount Athos (see the note on f. IIr). | Owners: Archbishop Athanasios owned the manuscript in 1627, cf. the note on f. 218r, Γεώργιος Τζαγκάριος, Skopelos, Robert Curzon bought the manuscript at the Karakallou Monastery in 1834 (see Curzon 1849: 21). In his note on f. ivr he states that he bought it from the Monastery of St. Sabbas in Palestine.
Psalms and Odes. | The headlines of the Psalms and the initials of each verse are in red ink. The first words of the Latin vulgate version appear as marginal notes at the beginning of the Psalms and of the first three Odes. A drawing of a man can be found in the margin of f. 215v.Text-type: L.
IIrPossession note from the Karakallou Monastery
IIv–IIIrΝotes by two different later hands
IVrEpigram on David; the letters of the alphabet; a note in English by Robert Curzon On the epigram see:
IVvNotes by another late owner
VrDrawing of a cross and other symbols of Christ’s passion
Vv–1rPrayer of repentance, which is attributed to Leo VI the Wise. It is written by a later hand
1vMiniature of David. It is badly damaged
1r–201vPs 1-151
202r–203vOde 1
203v–208rOde 2
208r–209rOde 3
209r–211rOde 4
211r–212rOde 5
212r–213rOde 6
213r–215vOde 7
215v–216vOde 8
217r–218rOde 9
218rPossession note of archbishop Athanasios in 1627
218v–219rPrayer, inc.“Πάλιν ὑπεσκελίσθην ὁ τάλας τὸν νοῦν” Probably by a 14th-century hand
219vThanksgiving prayer to the Holy Trinity, inc. “Πάτερ ἄναρχε καὶ ἄφθαρτε υἱὲ συνάναρχε” Later addition, probably by a 17th-century hand
219vPrayer to the Holy Virgin, inc. “Κυρία θεοτόκε βασίλισσα καὶ τιμὴ καὶ δόξα τῶν χριστιανῶν” Same hand as before
220rOde 11 Later addition, probably by another 17th-century hand
220vPrayer to Christ, inc. “Kύριε μὴ τῶ θυμῶ σου ἐλέγξης με” Same hand as before
220v–221vPrayer to Christ, inc.“Kύριε ὁ θεός ἡμῶν ὁ ἐν ἐλέει πλούσιος” Same hand as before
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