Ra 1077

Cologne, Manuskript-Bibliothek des Doms, Cod. 8. No diktyon: 36856.
s. XI/2 | Parchment, 165 ff., 408 × 316 mm, 4 col., 40 lines per page. |  Minuscule (ff. 1r-8v, 10r-165v); Majuscule (ff. 9r-9v). | Provenance: Monastery of Michelsberg, Bamberg .  see Hoffmann 1995:180 and Gryson 2004:54
Psalterium Quadruplex. Psalms and Odes. | The manuscript is an apograph of the Bamberg Psalter. Like its Vorlage, it consists of four columns: the first three columns contain the so-called Gallicanum, Romanum and Hebraicum by Jerome and the fourth one transmits the Graecum, which is a Greek version of the Psalms written in Latin script. Red initials mark the beginning of each psalm.Text-type: L, Ga.
1r–8rJerome’s epistle to Sunnias and Fretela
8rPreface to the Psalms, tit. Incipit origo prophetiae David regis psalmorum numero CL
8r–8vJerome’s epistle to Paula and Eustochius
8vJerome’s epistle to Sophronius
9r–9vDedicatory poem of Salomon III The first six verses are missing
10r–147rPs 1–151 The fourth column is vacant in Ps 151
147vBook of Isaiah 12 (12:5 om.). Is. 12:1 (εὐλογήσω σε] exomologisome si) The third column is vacant
147v–148vOde 11
148v–149vOde 3 The last line is missing
149v–151rOde 1 v. 15 is missing in the fourth column
151r–153rOde 4
153r–156vOde 2
156v–157rOde 8:57-87 The third column is vacant
157r–158rOde 9: Prayer of Zachariah The third column is vacant
158r–158vOde 9: Prayer of the Holy Virgin The third column is vacant
158vOde 13 The third column is vacant
159r–159vThe Apostles’ Creed (Credo) and the Lord’s Prayer (Pater Noster) in Latin and the Greek text in Latin script (Pisteuo, Pater imon). The hymn Te Deum laudamus and a Greek translation in Latin script. The hymn Te decet laus
160rThe Athanasian Creed
160v–164vLitany of saints in Greek and Latin. As in the Bamberg Psalter, the litany refers to the Carolingian king Louis (900–911)
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