Rahlfs 1064

Jerusalem, Patriarchal Library, Σάβα 63. No diktyon: 34320.
s. XII; s. XIII; s. XVI  s. XII: 1r-210r; s. XIII: Ir-IIv; s. XVI: the additional folios between ff. 181r-182r | Parchment (ff. I-210); Paper (8 small folios, without foliation, between ff. 182v-183r), 220 ff., 310 × 210 mm, 2 col., 61 (Psalter), 71–72 (Menaia) lines per page. |  Minuscule (Epsilon style; ff. 1r–210r); Minuscule (Archaizing hand; ff. Ir–IIv); Majuscule (Epigraphische Auszeichnungsmajuskel; titles of the Menaia). | Scribe: Same scribe and artist as in the codices Ra 1066 and 1069 | Provenance: Monastery of St. Sabas.
Illuminated liturgical Menaion with fragments of a Psalter. | Ra 1064 is the companion volume of Ra 1066 and it also includes two folios of the same lost Psalter manuscript. Rahlfs dates these folios to the 12th century, whereas Parpulov dates them to the 13th century. The manuscript consists of several hymns and prayers for the feasts of the liturgical calendar during the months September-February. Several folios contain interlinear musical notation. According to Bucca (2001: 229), the manuscript shares similar characteristics with other musical manuscripts (Messan. gr. 96, Crypt. D. a 32, Reg. gr. 58 and 59).Collation: Ode 5:18c ἐπὶ] καὶ ἐπὶ (f. c); Ode 8, heading: οἱ τρεῖς ὡς ἐξ ἑνὸς στόματος ὕμνουν κ(αὶ) εὐλόγουν καὶ ἐδόξαζων τ(ὸν) θ(εὸ)ν ἐν τῆ καμίνω λέγοντες (f. a); Ode 8:52b: αἰνετὸς] ..ευμνητος (f. a); Ode 8:52d ὑπεραινετὸν] υπερυμνητον (f. a); Ode 9:75b ἡμέρας] ἡμέρας τῆς ζωῆς (f. a) | Text-type: Ra 55.
Ir–IIvPs 118 (fragm.); Odes 5–9 (fragm.)
1r–33vMenaion of September. On f. 1r there is a miniature of Symeon the Stylite and on f. 9v there is another one depicting the birth of the Holy Virgin
34r–61vMenaion of October. On f. 34r there is a miniature of the Apostle Ananias
62r–95rMenaion of November
95r–143vMenaion of December. On f. 95r there is a miniature of the prophet Nahum and on f. 131r a miniature of the Nativity of Jesus
144r–184rMenaion of January. Eight paper folios have been added between ff. 182v-183r containing an Akolouthia of the Three Hierarchs
184r–210rMenaion of February. On f. 184r there is a miniature of the martyr Tryphon
210vPossession note and a fragment from John’s Gospel 19, 25-27 and 21, 25-26. Both by a later hand
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