Rahlfs 1038

Kraków, Jagiellonian Library, Berolinensis gr. Oct. 8. No diktyon: 9270.
s. X-XI  ff. 121-122, 208: later integrations s. XIV (?) | Paper (ff.121-122, 208); Parchment, 260 ff., 113 × 86 mm  Binding size: 116 × 95; Ruling type: V00D1 (text area: 60 x 45 mm), 1 col., 14 lines per page. |  Minuscule (“Bouletée”). | Provenance: “Ex Bibl. Regia Berolin.” (ff. 1r, 258r). The manuscript comes from a Greek island and was bought in Paris in 1880.
Greek Psalter; Typika. | Original binding except for the front cover (modern). The titles are rubricated, and the scholia are in dark red ink. Some of the marginal notes contain figurative schemes  (i.e. a cross: ff.36r, 234v; a scale: f. 27r; an arch with three arrows: f. 28r; a Pyle: f. 29r; a medallion: f. 173r).  The initials of each Psalm are decorated, and some of them have small portraits. There are some marginal illuminations. The manuscript is in a poor state of conservation: it is defective at the beginning and end; it has lost some leaves, and most of the remaining ones are in disarray (see content) or detached from the binding; sometimes, the margins seem to have been damaged by fire; some leaves have lost their outer margin (i.e. ff. 154, 194, 254, 258). On f. 52v, the ink of the marginal decoration has corroded the parchment leaving a hole (outer upper margin), while on f. 53r, someone has cut out the scheme/decoration in the lower margin. | Text-type: L.
1r–223vPs 32:12b-151 with lacunae
224r–vOd 1:13a-19c
225r–vOd 1:1a-12b
226r–233vOd 2:1a-43d
234r–235rOd 3:4b-10n
235v–239rOd 4
239–241vOd 5
241v–242vOd 6
243r–248rOd 7
248v–251vOd 8
251v–253vOd 9:46a-76b
254r–vOd 12:1c-7a
255r–vOd 12:7b-15a
256rOd 12:15a-13:31
256vOd 13:32-14:10d
256v–257vOd 14:10e-35a
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