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Ra 1031

Washington, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, 3 (olim Mt. Athos, Παντοκράτορος 49). No diktyon: 70822.
Athens, Benaki Museum, 66. No diktyon: 8101.
Cleveland, Museum of Art, 50.0154. No diktyon: 13129.
Moscow, Tretjakow Gallery, 2580. No diktyon: 43604.
GA Number: 1521.
a. 1084; s. XV  a. 1084: ff. 1–340 (cf. paschal table on f. 3v); s. XV: ff. 341–362 | Parchment (ff. 1–340)  a. 1084; Paper (ff. 341–362)  s. XV, 362 + 3 + [4] ff., 162 × 103 mm (text area: 120 x 70 mm), 1 col., 36 lines per page. |  Minuscule. | Provenance: Mt. Athos, Ἱερὰ Μονὴ Παντοκράτορος. Between 1941 and 1953, the manuscript disappeared (cf. der Nersessian, 155). In September 1962, the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection (Washington DC) purchased the main part of the manuscript from Roland Levy-Bosshard, Geneva (according to Cutler [1984], 91: “from Nicolas Koutolakis, a dealer in Geneva”). The f. 254 was purchased by the Cleveland Museum of Art from the J.H. Wade Fund in 1950 (according to der Nersessian, 155: “from the Vladimir G. Simkhovitch Collection in New York”; cf. also Cutler [1984], 91). When Weitzmann studied the manuscript in the Pantokrator monastery in 1932, he realised that f. 78 was missing (cf. Cutler [1984], 91); in 1936, this leaf was already in the Benaki Museum. Since 1930, f. 187bis is in the Tretjakow Gallery in Moscow (cf. Cutler [1984], 91). | Owner: John (s. XVI)  see f. 86v; cf. Cutler [1984], 91.
NT and Ps.Od. | The main part of this manuscript is now kept in Washington, it was acquired in 1962. Three leaves are dispersed (Athens, Cleveland, Moscow), and four leaves are lost (ff. 4, 86–87, 187; cf. der Nersessian, pl. 1–2; 26–27; 31). According to Lambros (1895) and Rahlfs (1914), the manuscript originally consisted of 369 ff. in total. Between 1895 and 1930, f. 187bis was removed (since 1930 in Moscow). Between 1895 and 1932, f. 78 was removed (since 1936 in Athens). Between 1941 and 1950, f. 254 was removed (since 1950 in Cleveland). | Collation: LXXGot
Wash., ff. 1r–6vvar. see the detailed description in Pinakes
Wash., ff. 6v–71vPs. 1–151
Wash., ff. 72r–83vOd. 1–9
Athens, f. 78r–vOd.
Wash., ff. 85v–87vvar. (liturg., patrist.) see the detailed description in Pinakes
Wash., ff. 88r–94vvar. (prolog. NT, patrist.)
Wash., ff. 88r–341vNT f. 341 suppl. (s. XV)
Moscow, f. 187bisr–vIoh. 1:1ff. catalogued by Aland under the siglum GA 1376
Cleveland, f. 254r–v1Petr. 1:1–1:21 with miniature Der Nersessian, pl. 35
Wash., ff. 341r–360vvar. (liturg., patrist.) see the detailed description in Pinakes
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