Ra 100

Oxford, Christ Church, Wake gr. 41. No diktyon: 48563.
s. XI/2  Rahlfs and Kitchin date the manuscript to the 12th century | Parchment, 311 ff., 211 × 163 mm, 1 col., 16 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Large-sized liturgical Perlschrift). | Scribe: Συμεών. | Provenance: Constantinople. | Owners: Θεόδωρος Μελαχρινός (1360)  cf. f. 311r, Ἰάκωβος (17th c.)  monk, see Hutter (1993: 58)., Θεοφάνης  monk, see Hutter (1993: 58)., Συνέσιος  monk, see Hutter (1993: 58)., Παρθένιος  monk, see Hutter (1993: 58)..
Psalms and Odes. | Text-type: L.
1r–278vPs 1-151 (Ps 1:1-5 is missing)
279r–287vOde 2 (Ode 1 is missing)
287v–289vOde 3
289v–292rOde 4
292v–294rOde 5 (Ode 5:20 is missing)
294r–295rOde 6
295r–298vOde 7 (tit: προσευχὴ γ´παίδων)
298v–301rOde 8
301v–303rOde 9
303r–304vOde 11 (Ode 10 is missing without having any indication of a lost folio)
304v–307vOde 12
307vOde 13
307v–309rOde 14
309rColophon in iambic verses by Symeon DBBE
309v–310rLiturgical canon sung during the Holy Saturday. It is written by a fourteenth-century hand.
311rNotes by Theodoros Melachrinos (1360)
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