Rahlfs 7020

Meteora, Ἱερὰ Μονὴ Βαρλαάμ, 39. No diktyon: 40934.
s. XVI | Paper, 248 ff., 98 × 140 mm, 1 col., 16 lines per page. |  Minuscule (Calligraphic script reminiscent of the Hodegon style). | Scribe: Three different hands: scribe a (ff. 2r-48v, 50r-56v, 62r-63v, 65r-83v, 86r-248v), scribe b (ff. 49r-49v, 57r-58v, 61r-61v, 64r-64v, 84r-85v), scribe c (f. 1r-v).
Psalms and Odes. | Enlarged decorated initials. The titles and the initials are rubricated. The old numbering of the quires is still visible in the lower margin. On ff. 138v, 142r and f. 227r there are drawings of animals and of an anthropomorphic figure. A possession note with a curse is written on f.141v by a later hand for those, who will attempt to steal the Psalter. On f. 172v there is the following verse in vernacular “τα χηλη σου νε τζηντζηφο το στομα σου κυ<δώνι>?” (your lips are like jujube and your mouth like a quince). | Text-type: L.
1r–1vPs 17:20a-33α Beginning is lost
2r–10vPs 21:15a-27:8a
11r–227rPs 29:10d-151 with few lacunae due to loss of folios
227v–230rOde 1
230r–235vOde 2
237r–237vOde 3
238r–241rOde 4
241r–242vOde 5
242v–244rOde 6
244r–247rOde 7
247r–248vDaniel 3:46-51 and Ode 8:52a-56b
Vees, A.: Τα χειρόγραφα των Μετεώρων: κατάλογος περιγραφικὸς των χειρογράφων κωδίκων τῶν ἀποκειμένων εἰς τὰς μονὰς τῶν Μετεώρων: τόμος Β´ τα χειρόγραφα τῆς μονῆς Βαρλαάμ, Athens 1984, 48–49.