Rahlfs 1148

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Suppl. gr. 1155, f. 34 (Frgm. XIV). No diktyon: 53813.
Mt. Athos, Λαύρα, Β 95 (pastedown). No diktyon: 27147.
s. IX–X | Parchment, 2 ff., 290 × 190 mm, 2 col., 25 lines per page. |  Majuscule (Slanted ogival majuscule; slightly inclined to the right: biblical text; slightly inclined to the left: scholia).
Psalms (Frgm.) with Origenic and Hexaplaric scholia. | The folio is included in a compilation of biblical and theological fragments under the shelfmark Cod. Paris. Suppl. gr. 1155, which were collected by Emmanuel Miller (1812–1886). It is the upper part of a large leaf, which has been cut in the middle. The text of the Psalms is surrounded by marginal scholia of Origen (ed. Lommatzsch and Pitra). Parpulov (2014: 142) identified the pastedown of the codex Lavra B 95 as a fragment deriving from the same manuscript as Ra 1148. | Text-type: The textual tradition of the fragment has few similarities to Ra 2054 and L (, La). Some indicative similarities with the papyrus are the following: Ps. 77:7c ἐκζητήσωσιν, Ps. 77:8a αὐτῶν, Ps 77:12b Aἰγύπτου, Ps. 77:13b παρέστησεν
Paris Frgm.Ps 75:1a-13b; 76:13b–77:2a; 77:11a-21a; 77:34b-44b
Athos Frgm.Ps 76:2a– Ps 77:11b
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